Steve is a Seasoned and very experienced Land Developer, Hydro Electric Developer, and Investor. His background includes his family developing real-estate on the Blue Ridge Mountains since 1963. His dad, Fred Cook, developed here and kept 2,000 to 3,000 acres going all the time for some 35 to 40 years. Steve majored in engineering at Wingate College, University of North Carolina in Charlotte, and Appalachian State University in Boone, NC. When Steve finished college, he had grown up in developing and did not want to develop with his dad at that time, but wanted to go do other things for a while. He opened a wholesale auto parts business in Greensboro that grew into 4 stores and an engine distribution business across 3 states for 22 years. In 1979 when the PURPA law came into effect and gave private individuals the right to make and wholesale electricity, Steve decided to build, own, and operate some Small Hydro Electric Plants on rivers in NC making renewable energy. From 1980 to 1999, he built and/or rehabilitated 7 Hydro Electric Plants. In 1999 while building the last Plant in the Uwharrie Forrest near Troy, NC, he decided to quit developing Hydro and go back to the Blue Ridge Mountains to start developing vacation property again. It was a perfect match since he had grown up in developing there. Any processes and planning were second nature to him and was a wonderful way to semi-retire. He knew from his family’s history there that people coming to the Blue Ridge Mountains wanted quiet, serene, and secluded places that were yester year type places, very laid back and communities much like you remember when you grew up in a calmer small town, away from the hussle and bussle of the metro cities and traffic jams. Steve had worked all over the Fancy Gap, Va. Area in years past and knew the best communities, mountaintops, and ridges there. He decided to go into an area that could not be bought up in the old days and buy as much as possible regardless of what it took. The area is a set of ridges, waterfalls, and creeks that are much like a Peninsula in the sky. It is a place that segregates and secludes itself from other communities while having paved state roads coming to the entrance, Just off the Blue Ridge Parkway, and private roads in the developments so kids can play anywhere. Hiking and exercising is easy along single lane paved roads, and where the roads are built in places that make it impossible to get away from the most incredible views anywhere for 30 miles in any direction. There are 5 developments that join each other with consistent themes throughout. It is rare for you to know when you go out of one development into another and easy to navigate. It’s a place where the nighttime views are just as magnificent as the daytime views. A place where at nighttime, driving the roads there makes you feel as though you are driving thru the stars, so, the main road is named Starry Nights Drive. Steve spent 2 years buying up over 600 acres. Anything that was unsightly was either hit or lit, so that everything around his customers would be new. If the economy gets tight, those are the places that sell first and lend security to the customer’s investment. Steve is dedicated to these developments and determined that these will be developments that enjoy the largest property value increases for his customers for 50 years. Many Lots and Tracts have doubled in value in the last few years. Steve’s experience, planning, and definantness of purpose will help to make your investment one of the best you have made.

Steve Cook